Gather: Taking a Break

Producing each issue of Gather Magazine is an intense and passion-fuelled process. Did you know that Gather is backed by just one person? That’s me, Jessica. I produce each magazine with a handful of contributors such as writers or photographers, but everything else is me. Advertising sales, editorial decisions, design, marketing, social media, distribution, styling on our shoots, lots of photography, writing and more. I do this alongside running my design business, Oh Gosh and being a mum to a busy 14-year-old. Needless to say, I have a fair bit on my plate. Add to the mix some health issues I’ve been working through over the last month or so, and something has had to give!


Rather than throwing my hands up and saying “no more!” I’m taking a bit of a break for the Oct/Nov issue and seeing where I come up in the next month or so and putting myself first. The next edition has already been planned and even started, but we’ll be parking it with the aim to produce a stellar Dec/Jan issue.


I know, and my contributors know how much you all love reading Gather Magazine, and it’s important for us to produce a quality product and continue to be a leader in our field. Sometimes, to do that we need to take a break and refresh….


We’ll be back soon, Gatherers!

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