Trevally Sashimi

Trevally Sashimi

In my opinion Trevally is the best fish for sashimi in NZ, we are so lucky to have a abundance of these in our waters. They are beautiful too, with their yellow stripe set amongst silver scales.


Fresh is best, at Gather we were lucky enough to pick this up from that days catch at the Mangawhai Boat Club charity auctions, less than a few hours from boat to plate, while supporting a good cause in the process. Trevally is a firm, white flesh fish and when it’s as fresh as this, nothing beats it.


Usu- Zukuri is the Japanese term for thinly sliced, we love to serve our Sashimi with soy, wasabi, fresh lemon and black sesame seeds. The fresh edible flowers from Mangawhai Grown add a touch of colour when serving. Perfect as a light, fresh, summer afternoon morsel. Quick and easy to prepare and always a treat for visiting guests.


Recipe & Food Styling by Chantelle Campbell, Photography by Jessica Whiting

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